Amazon Pay expands to France, Italy and Spain

Amazon Pay expands to France, Italy and Spain

The e-commerce giant says its payment platform “can help reduce the time customers spend at the checkout to pay for goods and services by removing the need to remember multiple passwords while shopping online”.

Amazon adds that partnering merchants enjoy convenience, trust and familiarity of the Amazon buying experience on their own website by offering Amazon Pay as one of their payment solutions, which can help reduce cart abandonment, increase sales and increase customer trust.

“As customers increasingly choose to shop online, on mobile and through connected devices, their expectations for speed, convenience, and security when it comes to paying for goods and services continues to grow,” said Giulio Montemagno, GM Amazon Pay EU.

“By allowing customers to pay for goods and services with only their Amazon account information, Amazon Pay has simplified the checkout process for shoppers, whilst enabling other merchants to reach our millions of global customers.”

According to the company, more than 33 million customers have used Amazon Pay to make a purchase globally. Further, the company says volume of payments via Amazon Pay doubled last year, with 32 percent of transactions made via mobile devices.

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