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Fiare Bank

Fiare Bank

Fiare bank is a project created with the aim to promote solidarity economy as an alternative to conventional financial system.
The Bank’s mission is to manage nonprofit, financial inter-mediation for economic solidarity incorporating all criteria of economic democracy. 

Fiare Bank is the financial institution that puts together financial resources of individuals, groups, businesses and governments for the sole purpose of being used to finance viable projects of solidarity economy. This project is managed by a professional financial managers and supervised by the citizens themselves and the social networks that promote the project.

The structure is built on the various regional associations: each is independent and self-organize their own needs.
Each regional association is responsible for disseminating the project in its territory and coordinate the activity of all persons and entities who decide to acquire equity participation.

Fiare bank Head office address:

Santa Maria, 9
Bilbao, Spain

Fiare bank contacts:

Phone +34 944 15 34 96


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